Validity of the map

The registry map does not hold legal basis. According to current law, it is the boundary mark on the land that applies, see 1 kap. 3 § jordabalken.

The precision of the boundaries

The accuracy of the map may vary depending on where in the country the data is obtained. For some rural locations, the plot boundaries may differ by several meters from the actual boundaries. In densely built-up areas, the margin of error is smaller and can at best differ by 20 centimeters.

How does this affect the service?

The margin of error for the plot boundaries may cause the plot area shown on to differ from the actual area.

A plot of land that is 50 x 40 m has an area of 2000 m2. If the margin of error is 1 m from the true boundaries, the total area is as follows:

51 x 39 = 1989 m2

Updates of the satellite imagery

The satellite imagery shown in the map are taken from Mapbox. Updates of the images are made in different time intervals depending on which part of the country is depicted. The northern parts of Sweden are updated less frequently and therefore it is important to check that the satellite images agree with the actual site.